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One platform, endless possibilities

Nomadis can integrate with your current cloud or local software solutions. Implement this wfm system to keep your data synchronized, eliminate errors, and streamline your workflows.

Nomadis works with your current software for an “all-in-one” software solution. From HR, to accounting, to travel systems and access control and external user authentication, they can all be integrated with Nomadis.

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API and Custom Integrations

Integrate with your current cloud or local software solutions.


Nomadis includes built-in authentication and supports industry standards in cyber security.

Reporting and KPIs

Keep track of camp logistics thanks to numerous data-rich reports.

Travel Booking/GDS

Connect to major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to include up-to-date commercial travel inventory in Nomadis.

Accounting System and Human Resources

Integrate with your current HR and accounting systems.

Access Control/Smart Cards (RFID)

Integrate with access control systems and RFID technologies to support your logistics processes with smart card scanning.

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