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About Nomadis

Founded in 2001, Nomadis is a boutique software and information technology company specializing in workforce logistics and remote healthcare logistics.

Through our involvement in several projects in northern Canada, we have observed significant challenges and shortcomings in travel and accommodation management for Indigenous communities. Our innovative software solutions were born from the need to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution to address these challenges.

Today, Nomadis helps organizations worldwide to reduce costs and risks related to workforce management, travel, and accommodation. We provide consulting and integration services to streamline our clients’ business processes and ensure that they are properly equipped to fulfill their goals and commitments.

Our mission

To empower organizations in providing safe, efficient and worry-free travel and logistical services with state-of-the-art technology

Our values


Adhere to impeccable work ethics, transparency, and honesty in all engagements.


Committed to the success of our clients and passionately engaged to deliver our promises and the best possible value.


Operate with a collaborative and goal-centric mindset, driven by a genuine dedication to openness and fostering long-term partnerships.


Deliver the best outcomes and performance in every facet of our work – pushing our limits to achieve higher standards.


Drive positive changes within our industry and clientele by promoting creativity and staying at the forefront of new technologies and business practices.

Meet the

Management Team

Jean-Philippe Lavallée

Founder & CEO

Pierre Root

General Manager

Xavier Massicotte

Director – Operations

Francis Rivard

Director – Implementation Services

Simon Lafontaine

Director – Development


Amazing team members

Working passionately everyday

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