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Nomadis – innovating since 2001

In the early years, working in remote areas of Northern Canada, founder Jean-Philippe Lavallée noticed important lacks in the management of travel and accommodation. Mr. Lavallée believed that there was a dire need for a more reliable and cost-effective solution for organisations operating in these environments.

At Nomadis, it is our conviction that perfect planning of travel and accommodation is one of the founding bricks of the success roadmap of any company operating in remote areas. To help our customers meet their goals, we offer a software solution that effectively bridges the gap between site-based operations and corporate strategy.

Nomadis offers a holistic solution that combines expertise in travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling and healthcare in remote areas with an integrated software platform. We provide consulting and integration services to streamline our clients’ business processes and ensure that they are equipped to fulfill their commitments.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and worry-free travel, accommodation and healthcare logistics to people living and working in remote locations.

We achieve this by offering expert consulting services and a state-of-the-art, integrated software platform that reduces operational risks and costs.


A trustworthy and professional attitude in all dealings.


A commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


A solution minded approach that includes a genuine desire for openness and a partnership.


A readiness to adapt and a desire to seek future trends and drive positive changes.

Management Team

Jean-Philippe Lavallée
J. François Lavallée

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