Real-time integrated personnel tracking solution

Access Control

Using rugged mobile devices designed for field work, control access to certain zones in your work environment and assigned the proper security permission to staff, contractor and visitors to protect your operation from unexpected security issues.

Track your Personnel

The GPS capabilities allow you to track and pinpoint workers’ location – on site and in transit – and provide immediate response in emergency situations.


ControlPointTM system brings the Nomadis Platform on the field to provide authentic data and help manage the travel, accommodation and catering services.


Using the simple smartcard “tap” or barcode scanning device, personnel can be checked in and tracked in the Nomadis system. Data can then be viewed online or exported into detailed reports.

Tracking entries/exists and having real-time information on last known status of your workforce provides an extra level of security which is especially critical in remote operations, or areas at higher risk. This enables you to act quickly in case of an emergency situation.

Cloud-Based with Offline Capabilities

Manage all your devices from the cloud, even in environments with poor connectivity and high latency. Nomadis ControlPointTM supports offline operations by using intelligent synchronization processes to enforce data integrity across all devices and the cloud platform.