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Industry: Mining


Integrated Travel, Accommodation and Workforce Logistics

Our client logistic is characterized by the complexity of the processes and workforce distribution, between multiples mining camps, several transportation modes (Air, Bus, Taxi, and Company Vehicles) and different types of accommodation (Camps, Hotels, Guesthouses).


  • Keep full control over the Travel Request and Approval process, at all times;
  • Reduce the approval time of requests;
  • Optimizing resource planning (i.e. rotation schedules) to minimize costs.
  • Integrate all stakeholders in the process (Contractors, Travel Agencies, Logistics Manager and others).


Prior to implementing the Nomadis Platform, processes were manual and based on spreadsheets. The reservation of air travel, accommodation, and ground transportation were done separately.

  • Design a streamlined, efficient, paperless process for:
    – Workforce scheduling to multiple sites;
    – Travel Arrangements / Reservations;
    – Transportation Management (schedules, flights/vehicles);
    – Accommodation Management.
  • Make travel arrangements in one medium, at one time. Flight, shuttle arrangements, camp/guesthouse reservations and hotel reservations can be requested and confirmed from one login, and approved at once.

Getting Started

In times of difficult economic conditions, it is more important than ever for companies to optimize their logistics processes to improve profitability. In the case of our client, this could be achieved with a better control of the travel and accommodation expenses and better workforce scheduling.

The first step towards these achievements was to understand our clients’ business processes, the stakeholders involved and particularities of the environment.

After a thorough evaluation, Nomadis then proposed the optimal process to manage all components involved in workforce logistics. Nomadis’ technical team also adapted the solution to the client’s requirements.

The third step was to implement the solution in Mexico and provide training to the key staff members, in a Spanish speaking environment.

Once the solution was implemented on the field, Nomadis involved all clients’ staff. During
two months, Nomadis followed-up closely with the management team and key users to ensure that they were productive with the system and processes were running smoothly.


Cost efficiency
The implementation of the Nomadis solution has permitted to reduce costs on various levels

  • Reduction of human resources required for logistics
  • Optimal site scheduling
  • Airplane ticket prices
  • Prevention of human errors in travel scheduling and no-shows
  • Easily manage growth of site
  • Optimization of accommodation facilities

Organizational efficiency to improve processing time
More than monetary value, our client in exploration phase benefits from an efficient,
streamlined process: time is saved, errors and crises avoided. The Nomadis solution facilitates management of changes, cancellations, exception cases, and last-minute situations.

Decision making and reporting
The Nomadis platform produces extensive statistics and better reporting on scheduling,
travel and accommodation operations and expenses, enabling better decision-making and

About Nomadis

Nomadis offers a holistic solution that combines expertise in travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling and healthcare in remote areas with an integrated software platform. We provide consulting and integration services to streamline our clients’ business processes and ensure that they are equipped to fulfill their commitments.

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