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Knight Aviation & Logistics – Nomadis Partnership: Integrated Workforce Logistics

Knight Aviation & Logistics offers a single point of contact and expertise to manage your workforce travel logistics, including air charters, ground transportation, and workforce accommodation. Since 2006, Knight is a leader in the private charter industry. Nomadis has partnered with Knight Aviation & Logistics to present the most cost effective, user-friendly, and efficient workforce logistics software for select Oil & Gas/LNG clients.

Achieving excellence in customer service with innovative technology

The overarching goals in the process revision were to reduce variance, defects and waste while improving on processing time and cost inefficiencies. With greater alignment to clients’ needs, Knight Aviation & Logistics expected to improve customer service to deliver a superior travel experience and to reduce operational costs. ‘’We needed to innovate our business model by employing new technology, new business strategies and rebranding Knight. With Nomadis as our IT partner, we achieve our goals, deliver better reporting, higher customer satisfaction and additional integrated travel solutions for our clients.’’ -Darren Neid, President of Knight Aviation & Logistics.

Improving on processing time and cost efficiencies

Knight Aviation & Logistics’ former processes, manual and based on spreadsheets, were inefficient, time consuming, costly, and left a great deal of room for errors. Travel coordinators were responsible for booking an aircraft seat, shuttle seat, bus/truck transfer and camp bed for one individual. This accounted for at least 3 to 5 separate reservations, resulting in travel information for 1 individual, 1 trip, in 3 (or more) separate emails and telephone calls. Manual management of travel logistics proved to be not only inefficient for all users, but resulted in lackluster reporting from invoicing to supplier reconciliation and providing key Client KPI’s especially in Safety, Quality and Cost Control.

Ensuring consistency, removing possible human errors

Nomadis’ software solution allows travel coordinators or travelling clients to make all travel arrangements in an integrated platform, where travelers receive confirmed travel itineraries on their mobile device. Flights, Shuttle Arrangements, Vehicle Rentals, Camp Reservations and Hotel reservations can also be requested and confirmed from one login. The traveler will receive a single consolidated itinerary with all trip details, including the return segment. Removing the possibility of human error and ensuring consistency of service through well-defined processes has helped Knight Aviation & Logistics increase cost efficiencies. For example, one of the distinguishing features is passenger loads available in real time. This allows for prior selection of the most appropriate aircraft or shuttle transportation for the number of people being moved on any particular day; nearly eliminating the probability of empty seats.

The partnership between Knight Aviation & Logistics and Nomadis offers a cost effective solution for the challenges of workforce logistics, with proven cost efficiencies, better reporting, confidence in experience, and tailored travel logistics. Knight Aviation & Logistics has remodeled its organization to streamline processes, transitioning the company from a manual system into an instant, integrated reservation system capable of expanding the quality and excellence in workforce logistics to stay one step ahead of competition.

About Nomadis

Nomadis offers a holistic solution that combines expertise in travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling, and healthcare in remote areas with an integrated software platform. We provide consulting and integration services to streamline our clients’ business processes and ensure that they are equipped to fulfill their commitments.

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