Case Study

Case Study: ALPHA Oil & Gas


Onshore Oil & Gas Production Company

Gather your workforce logistics in one simple, leading-edge and cloud-based solution designed for resources companies operating on remote sites.


  • Remote Oil & Gas Production
  • Yearly Winter Exploration Drilling Programs
  • Workforce Logistics included chartered air, coach, and camps
  • Approximately 2000 company & contractor travellers
  • A mix of 14/14, 7-2, and ad-hoc corporate travel

“We needed to innovate our business model by employing new technology and new business strategies. We needed to deliver better reporting, higher customer satisfaction, and additional integrated travel solutions.”

-President Logistics Company (Canada)


BETA Oil & Gas needed an all-in-one logistics software package to support the lodge management & all logistics for permanent/part-time employees (Air, Coach, Truck). The corporate strategy was cost control. Therefore, BETA Oil & Gas has to integrate various solutions, improve forecasting, as well as provide financials across divisions, business units, and contractors.


Oil & Gas remote operations entail a high level of complexity in regard to workforce logistics.

Various internal stakeholders are involved to ensure employees and subcontractors’ travel (FIFO, BIBO), their accommodations, their scheduling based on both ad-hoc or cross-shifts patterns and their security (tracking, access control, mustering).

In order to simplify and increase operational efficiency, it was crucial for such a company to gather all information and have real-time tracking of their employees in one single solution: Nomadis.



Workforce “GO-LIVE”

The six-month implementation consisted of key users and logistics supply chain training. This includes a strategic plan with Alpha Oil & Gas to ease the process throughout the implementation of our solution.

Immediate Key Indicators of Success

  • Highly energized, motivated and empowered travel coordinator group
  •  100% streamlined and supportive of automation processes
  • Traveler immediately pleased to receive instant email or SMS and a clear travel itinerary
  • Air, Coach, and camp companies excited to work with updated manifests




Gather your workforce logistics in one simple, leading-edge and cloud-based solution designed for resources companies operating in remote sites.

MINING Corp: Background

  • Mining Corp operates a remote mine site located 500 km away from the capital city of Burkina Faso.
  • Travelers begin their journey in a commercial flight, transit in a guest house in Ouagadougou and then embark on a charter flight to the drop-off location on the mine site. They take a bus to get to the camp located 400 km away.
  • Mining Corp has a total of 2500 employees including 500 expatriates, subcontractors, and local workers.
  • Mining Corp owns 3 camps to lodge remote employees on a FIFO roster.
  • Its workforce logistics include chartered air, coach and camps management.
  • The company has approximately 2000 travelers underemployment.
  • The work schedule is based on a rotation pattern 14/14 or 35/28 and includes ad-hoc corporate travel.

The Challenge

Mining Corp’s logistics manager reported many challenges:

  • Lack of efficiency during travel/accommodation booking process:
    • “Travel coordinators were responsible for booking an aircraft/shuttle seat, bus transfer, and camp bed, which accounted for 3 to 5 separate reservations.”
    • “Manual process was costly, time-consuming and often suffered from errors.”
    • “Manual management of travel logistics was inefficient for all users, especially in safety, quality and cost control.”
    • “Scheduling/reservations for travelers and coordination of air charter/bus and camps done by email or over the phone.”
  • Poor capacity to extract valuable data and share it among logistics departments
    • Communication was lacking efficiency because it was not instantaneous through the travel journey.
    • Excel software used allowed limited reporting and forecasting capability.
  • High-security risk


“A major security issue arose from an attack in one of the camps located in Burkina Faso lately. Locating all our employees was an emergency. Our Excel management software was definitely not suitable for this purpose and the delay of response was too long. This is why we knew logistical changes had to be made.”

Mining Corp’s Camp manager

The Solution

  1. Gather and share real-time data related to workforce logistics including travel and accommodation in one single integrated solution, among all involved parties.
  2. Automate flight/accommodation bookings in order to reduce manual errors and increase efficiency.
  3. Implement real-time tracking of remote employees from their travel journey to their daily position on camp.


Immediate Key Indicators of Success

  • Streamlined operations and supportive automation processes, resulting in considerably lower costs from inefficient logistics management.
  • Highly energized, motivated and equipped travel coordinator team.
  • Centralization and uniformization of the data, including the list BETA’s remote employees, their working schedules and their physical location, in case of an attack or transportation problems.
  • Improved communications between internal and external users, implying less “back and forth” with emails for travel requests or schedule changes.
  • Less travel documentation loss as travel requests was no longer being faxed through but inputted directly onto the system.
  • Management is empowered with valuable performance reports.