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IT Services that boost your bottom line

The Nomadis solution, specifically designed by our in-house engineers, empowers managers in remote areas with the information and the means to efficiently manage day-to-day operations. We remain at the forefront of industry changes and since 2005 our solution has been continually updated to satisfy our customers’ evolving needs.


Tailored Solution

We deliver a highly configurable software system based on thorough analysis of your organizational needs. We take a collaborative approach in helping you develop well-defined business processes and requirements. The final product is a Nomadis platform fully configured to meet your specific requirements.
  • New features
  • Adaptations or improvements on existing features
  • Custom reports
  • Integration with other solutions

Systems Integration

Integrate the Nomadis platform with your ERP or accounting system to simplify financial reconciliation and automate the payment process. Easily track any anomalies by verifying the history, location, time, and finance of recorded transactions with integrated data.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated Support

Get the support you need, when you need it. Our support is provided by technical experts over the phone or via email throughout the entire duration of your agreement. Our dedicated support team will ensure that Nomadis platform is always up-to-date and all your questions are answered in a timely manner.

When rolling out their strategy for economic success, our customers are assured that understanding their concerns is part of our expertise. Like our clients, we know and care about the real costs of travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling, and healthcare in remote areas.
We help our clients achieve operational excellence as we work with them to implement best practices and a tailored software solution to streamline business processes, materialize savings and provide complete peace of mind to both staff and travelers.

Diagnostic Assessment

Nomadis helps customers review their current expenses in relation to travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling, and healthcare. We evaluate your data and find potential savings sources. We then guide you through the necessary adjustments towards cost savings.

Business Process Optimization

We examine our clients’ processes relating to travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling, and healthcare by tracking the level of process compliance and monitoring results versus predetermined targets. We help customers make adequate adjustments to improve performance towards cost savings and security. With our international experience and network of contacts, we ensure that your processes are well adapted to the challenges.


Nomadis training is a convenient, cost-effective way to learn how to use our solution to its fullest. Having successfully trained hundreds of Nomadis users, our instructors have the experience to train your organization’s staff face-to-face, in a classroom setting or via the web. We provide complete instructor-led training in a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the different processes and best practices guidelines. We believe in collaboration and gladly work with third-party stakeholders; suppliers, travel agencies, and healthcare experts of your choice.


We work with our customers to optimize their travel dollars by developing travel policies that incorporate best practices in safety, cost control, and risk assessment. We understand our customers need to establish policies that adequately balance employee needs with corporate goals, financial and otherwise. We examine the complete spectrum of your travel, accommodation, workforce scheduling, and healthcare information. We conduct data interpretation and provide fact-based recommendations. Our strategy development expertise ensures cost tracking and control and facilitates everyone’s adherence to your newly developed corporate travel policies.