Healthcare, Nunavik, Canada.


We are a health center operating in the western part of the Nunavik. We have been using Nomadis for 14 years now. Our mandate is to move patients in need of higher medical attention and their escort from their village to our health center. We also need to ensure the transportation of our employees who work here on rotation schedules.

Prior to Nomadis, the management of patient journey and employee transportation was very disorganized and errors such as double booking and double invoicing were most of the time unnoticed. This engendered large financial losses every year. It was very hard for us to justify our expenses when being audited by the Health Ministry because our reservations of commercial flights were done manually and thus, we could not generate reports easily. Overall, we needed to find a solution that would ensure we can keep track of our booking expenses and make sure we are charged the correct amount.

The results

“As of the first year using Nomadis, we saved millions of dollars in double booking and incorrect billing.”

Working with Nomadis has completely changed our way of working for the better. The majority of our tasks are now automated, which saves our team a lot of time and boosts our efficiency. Reconciliation of invoices from commercial flight airlines is also much easier since Nomadis allows to automate the creation of invoices and compares it to those received to detect any discrepancy between the two. This feature made us catch errors such as cancelled tickets that were not reimbursed or tickets for children that were charged as adult tickets and much more.

In addition, with this software solution, we gained reporting and forecasting abilities. Nomadis sorts the expenses in the right spending accounts so now, which empowered us to conduct proper reporting. Based on reports about arrivals and departures of patients, we can prepare in advance and make sure there are enough workers to assist them and we can plan for the accommodation of our workers.