Mining, Chad, Africa.


We are a company operating in the natural resource industry for the last 45 years. We have been a client of Nomadis since 2016. We conduct mining activities in West Africa and we need to manage travel for the 2,600 people who work there. Our remote camp has 400 rooms where our expats can be lodged.

Before acquiring Nomadis to manage our remote camp logistics, we used spreadsheets. However, due to our high volume of operations, we needed more features than spreadsheets could offer us. Our desire to provide higher security to our in-transit and on-site remote workers was the main trigger to adopt a new cloud-solution. We also sought to save time and reduce the work effort of our travel and accommodation team via automated bookings. They could now focus on overseeing the process and managing exceptions and problems.

Why we chose Nomadis

Our HSC (health, safety, and environment) manager approached Nomadis. He was very interested in the “ControlPoint” feature of the platform, which allows real-time employee tracking during transportation and on site.  We wanted to verify when employee checked-in/checked-out of the transport modes and to determine on which zones they were.  We have a clear view of the localization of our employees. We can also generate departures and arrivals reports indicating where to increase security measure if needed. During emergency situations, we can communicate with workers directly through a notification on the mobile phone.

Because it is an integrated software solution, we optimize the time of our travel team and we now have better organization of ground transportation, chartered flights, and commercial flights. Commercial flights can even be managed directly on the platform. The booking process is much easier because Nomadis is integrated with Travel Port (our GDS system) to automatically retrieve commercial flights information.


The results

  • We can ensure better security level since we can identify where workers are and track them while they travel.
  • We now benefit from streamlined operations, which helps us better control costs and achieve higher efficiency.
  • Due to forecasting, we optimize chartered transportation on our West Africa camp

“Because of a few incidents that jeopardized the security of our workers, we decided to take action and prevent danger before anything happened. Using spreadsheets was not appropriate enough and the response delay was too long.  Therefore, we began searching for a way to know the localization of our employees quickly. We also wanted to be able to communicate with our workforce in case of emergency and be able to muster them effectively. Nomadis helped us achieve it all.”