Oil & Gas, Alberta, Canada.


We are a global company producing billions of barrels a year and we employ 10,800 people spread across 16 countries. We’ve been clients of Nomadis for three years.

Our oil and gas operations are located in the region of Fort McMurray, in northern Canada where we have a camp that can host the 3 600 workers we fly-in and out of there. Our camp counts 2 500 rooms where our workers can be accommodated. Before using Nomadis, we had an outdated and very limiting software to manage our remote workforce logistics.

Why we chose Nomadis

When we decided to equip ourselves with a new and better solution our goal was to optimize our camp management process and increase security for our workers. We chose Nomadis because workforce scheduling, transportation, and accommodation were integrated modules resulting in major time-saving. Our team was highly enthusiastic as per the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the platform. Considering massive operations, we needed a solution that would streamline the whole process and centralize the information in one unique platform. The “Mustering” feature, which we test every week, is also an element that confirmed our decision to work with Nomadis. We are well aware of our Duty of Care for our remote workers and this tool helps us ensure we will be ready if a security incident occurs.


Moreover, with Nomadis, access to the platform is defined by access rights for certain groups. We very much enjoy this aspect of the platform as it allows us to delegate and divide the workload between groups of users and limit what they have access to. For instance, our contractors can now manage the bookings of their employees. End-users are in charge of their own bookings, which decreases our managers’ workload.

We also gained better forecasting. This is crucial when operating such a large camp with many employees working on different rotation patterns. We can now better plan the qualified workforce, the meals requirements, the accommodation and the most optimal mode of transport. As a result, we are more cost-effective than ever because of better cost control. For instance, we sometimes close a section of the camp to reduce fixed and variable costs like housekeeping.


As a whole, our management team is very satisfied with the Nomadis solution software and service, so are our employees who feel confident to travel remotely. Employees feel supported during the travel process with notifications that are sent directly to their mobile phone in case of flight modification. They truly fell the whole process is more fluid and easy. The employees’ RFID card that is tied to their personal profile and travel request information for quick check-in and check-out.


The results

  • A management and travel team very satisfied to work with more intuitive and powerful software.
  • Streamlined operations leading to higher efficiency.
  • Better overall communication of the information between travel, accommodation and housekeeping teams.
  • Cost reduction due to better forecasting.
  • Can ensure a higher level of security for workers due to the “Mustering” feature.

“We took Nomadis as an opportunity to improve and reform our manner to run our remote sites. We would definitely recommend it namely because of its simplicity of use, its multiple functionalities and its customizability. The Nomadis team has been very responsive, agile in their way of working and supportive.”