Focus on patient wellbeing, not travel management

From medical evacuations to patient travel programs, travel management in the healthcare sector poses significant challenges in terms of logistics and management. Guidelines need to be developed, well communicated beforehand and made accessible to those who will need them. Operations in remote or isolated areas present special challenges for which organizations can be adequately prepared when equipped with the right solution. When people are working in remote areas, no detail should be left unplanned.

Nomadis offers a unique expertise and software solution for the healthcare sector that integrates and simplifies the entire process of travel management, from referral to repatriation. Designed specifically for the healthcare sector, it is the only solution capable of handling such complex requirements out-of-the-box, while keeping the capacity to be integrated with administrative and clinical systems and tailored to any organisation’s environment.

Benefits to all stakeholders

Stimulate stakeholder engagement with key interest factors:

Patients: A safe and worry-free patient journey, with prompt reimbursement of allowable expenses.

Operations: Risks and stress reduction. High automation of commonly used processes enables operating with fewer human resources.

Practitioners: Less paperwork and time spent on trivial administrative tasks. More time freed up for strategic core value activities.

NOMADIS helps you operate with confidence

Patient wellbeing

  • Safer patient journeys
  • Better assessments and follow-ups
  • Improved accessibility to services


  • Eliminate the burden of complex, manual processes
  • Automate approval processes


  • Enforce policies and foster best practices
  • Control spending
  • Collect meaningful data for extensive reporting and forecasting

Best Practices in Healthcare Travel Management

We are committed to helping healthcare organizations improve the quality of service to their patients and keep spending under control through better management practices.

With Nomadis’ reliable data collection and reporting, you can make the most out of your performance indicators by improving your health programs and services progress reports. With the right reports and easy dashboard access to information, following through on identified priorities and improving the development of programs is a simple and effective way to stay within budget.

A Solution You Can Trust

Small healthcare centers to state-wide health networks rely on the NOMADIS platform to manage their patient travel programs and medical evacuations. Our clients operate in various countries and environments, with policies and procedures that vary greatly depending on the unique circumstances of their environment and patients.

Secure – Scalable – Adaptable – User-friendly – Easy to deploy

We create innovative software

Nomadis is developing product solving complex business problems in a variety of fields. Our product is used by large organizations around the world.