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From medical evacuations to patient travel programs, travel management in the healthcare sector poses significant challenges in terms of logistics and management. Guidelines need to be developed, well communicated beforehand, and made accessible to those who will need them. Operations in remote and isolated areas present special challenges that organizations can be adequately prepared for when equipped with the right solution. When people are working in remote areas, no detail should be left unplanned.

Nomadis offers a unique software solution for the healthcare sector that integrates and simplifies the entire process of travel management, from referral to repatriation. Designed specifically for the Healthcare sector, it is the only solution capable of handling complex requirements right out of the box, while maintaining the capacity to be integrated with administrative and clinical systems and tailored to any organization’s environment.

Our Healthcare Travel solution provides your organisation with the following capabilities and key features:

  • A complete Travel request, approval and booking and accounting reconciliation workflow for Patient/Client and Escort travel, with flexible business rules and customizable forms
  • Management of various travel types: elective patient, inter-hospital transfer, Medivac, Escort (personal or medical attendant) and repatriation.
  • Special needs registered in Patient Profiles: attach health-related information to traveler profiles (special needs/permanent conditions).
  • Associate Travel bookings to referrals/appointments, link outbound and return, Patient and Escort(s)
  • HL7 integration: Nomadis integrates with your master patient Index / electronic health records using the standard HL7 protocol.
  • Integration with multiple stakeholders:
    • Travel Agencies/TMC
    • Direct connectivity to travel providers (e.g. regional airline)
    • Electronic invoicing and automation of accounts payable

Meet Your Targets


At Nomadis, we are committed to helping our clients with their company-wide efforts to cut travel costs, track savings, and report them back to senior management.

Patient well-being

  • Safer patient journeys
  • Better assessments and follow-ups
  • Improved accessibility to services


  • Enforce policies and foster best practices
  • Control spending
  • Collect meaningful data for extensive reporting and forecasting


  • Simplify process and eliminate paperwork
  • Reduce pressure on your staff
  • Spend time on higher value, patient-focused activities

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