Efficient workforce logistics from exploration to operations

A challenging environment

Companies in the extractive industry work hard at mobilizing the right personnel on site at every step of their projects. Remote locations and fly-in fly-out (FIFO) increase the challenge to operate safely while keeping development and operational expenses under control.

• High costs of transportation and accommodation
• Complexity and constraints in transportation logistics
• Scarcity of qualified personnel
• Safety and security challenges

Achieve your goals with NOMADIS

We help mining companies keep their business on the right track by tackling the big-ticket items with the right workforce logistics software solution and best practices.

Cost control

  • Operate with fewer human resources
  • Optimize charter programs
  • Control accommodation and services costs

Peace of mind

  • Eliminate the burden of complex, manual processes
  • Reduce the risks related to moving people

Operational excellence

  • Integrate best practices
  • Enforce policies
  • Bridge the gap between operational and strategic levels

No matter the size of your workforce, the constraints of your environment or the number of unexpected changes, keep your stakeholders engaged and in the loop with an integrated software solution.

Workers – Logistics – Operations – Management – Finances – HR – Contractors – Camp – Suppliers.

We create innovative software

Nomadis is developing product solving complex business problems in a variety of fields. Our product is used by large organizations around the world.