Engineering & Construction

Streamline and automate workforce logistics and travel management

Workforce Logistics for Remote Projects

Travel management in the engineering and construction industry can involve any number of scenarios; from commercial flights, to charters and helicopter transfers to get to the project location. Our clients often have hundreds of workers assigned to a project and need their employees to travel to-and-from the site quickly, safely, and cost effectively. Whether you are moving engineers, specialized workers, or consultants, Nomadis Platform helps you balance employee needs and corporate goals.

In addition to the sheer volume of bookings involved, travel management, accommodation, and workforce scheduling in the engineering and construction industry also face challenges such as weather conditions and last minute modifications or cancellations. With the level of complexity involved to get the job done, you need more than just any software. Nomadis’ software and expertise have proven consistent and reliable in tackling workforce logistics; from small to complex, large-scale projects worldwide. You can rely on Nomadis to lighten the load on administrators while providing travelers with peace of mind.

Meet Your Targets with NOMADIS

At Nomadis, we are committed to helping our clients with their company-wide efforts to cut travel costs, track savings, and report them back to senior management.

Cost Control

  • Operate with fewer human resources
  • Reduce travel and accommodation costs
  • Reduce planning errors and no-shows

Peace of Mind

  • Eliminate the burden of complex, manual processes
  • Handle safety and security challenges
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Operational Excellence

  • Increase project efficiency
  • Develop a Best Practices logistics model for all of your projects
  • Improved business intelligence and benchmarking