Travel Solutions & Benefits Management

for Remote Locations

How Nomadis turns your policies into efficient processes

Every opportunity to enhance public sector governance and increase accountability to taxpayers is welcomed. We work closely with governments and public sector organizations to help them maximize savings and accountability through complete adherence and compliance with travel and expense policies.

When planning a business trip, public sector organizations and governments usually involve several parties: travelers, co-signatories, approvers, travel offices, administrative offices, and authorized representatives. Nomadis offers an adaptable software solution that streamlines your processes and facilitates communication between all stakeholders.


  • Increase accountability among taxpayers
  • Enforce policy compliance
  • Approval processes with levels of authorities

Cost control

  • Operate with fewer human resources
  • Reduce Travel and Accommodation costs
  • Enforce contractual agreements and budgets

Operational excellence

  • Integrate best practices
  • Bridge the gap between operational and strategic levels