Oil & Gas

Workforce Logistics for On-Shore and Off-Shore Operations

The oil and natural gas industries have seen continued consumption growth for decades with no signs of slowing down. As a result, boundaries of exploration are pushed further and organizations routinely send groups of specialist laborers into increasingly remote or politically sensitive areas. Emerging markets with little to no infrastructure can pose a serious challenge to organization interests and crew safety.

At Nomadis, we understand the weight of the challenge; crew changes on oil rigs and in the gas industry can be taxing on individuals and organizations. Our comprehensive knowledge of the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) model coupled with in-depth experience of regional air routes, accommodations, and site regulations ensures that our clients are provided with a secure, timely, and worry-free workforce scheduling, travel, and accommodation experience.

Be in Control with NOMADIS

We help oil & gas companies maximize their workforce mobility and employment choices while meeting their budgetary goals.

Cost control

  • Operate with fewer human resources
  • Optimize charter programs
  • Control accommodation and services costs

Peace of mind

  • Eliminate the burden of complex, manual processes
  • Reduce the risks related to moving people

Operational excellence

  • Integrate best practices
  • Enforce policies
  • Bridge the gap between operational and strategic levels