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Without a Business Continuity Plan, risk is increased in this unpredictable world

As Benjamin Franklin stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Everyone is now impacted by COVID-19 and its effects on the global economy, as companies are researching new ways of doing business. In these awkward times, you must rewrite and enhance your business continuity plan. Let’s face it: the crisis is not over yet; it is the perfect timing to improve processes within your business. Here are a few hints as to how and why you should have a strong Business Continuity Plan.

But first, a reset on what Business Continuity is

Business Continuity refers to maintaining business functions or resuming them as quickly as possible in the event of a major disruption like COVID-19. The Plan outlines procedures and instructions an organization should follow in the face of a disaster. In times of uncertainty, you should put some tools in place to keep your business up and running.

Why should I update my Business Continuity Plan?

All organizations should have one. But it becomes even more crucial in some areas, such as remote projects with sizable Workforce Logistics. Think about it. What would happen if a major Mine or Oil & Gas Company couldn’t face the disaster and activities would have to stop? It would impact all stakeholders.

Be it Mining or Oil & Gas, your company must protect its employees, its suppliers, its customers, and all shareholders. This is critical during this Pandemic. Having a business continuity plan will give you more credibility and trust over your competitors.

How do I revise my Business Continuity plan to support workforce logistics?

There are some things you cannot know in advance. No one had planned for a global Pandemic in 2020. Revising your business continuity plan (or maybe creating it!) is one of the first steps you should take. You need to know where your employees are! Here are a few ideas to start with.

  • Consult with your entire Transportation, Camp and Accommodations Supply Chain plus your Medical / First Responders.
  • Consider health questionnaires for all employees and managers.
  • Update employee profiles with current SMS, Email and Mobile capability.
  • Add the many new COVID Protocols in all Transportation / Accommodations.
  • Enhance with temperature checks and Daily/Weekly COVID tests.
  • Add the Company Directive for positive testing conditions of
  • Comply with government regulations (including First Nations).
  • Keep your employees (and contractors) informed of new regulations and protocols on site.
  • Maintain a complete inventory of the people onsite and travelling. Update your Mustering protocols!
  • Be proactive: do some research about upcoming regulations to anticipate and have time for a smooth transition. Also, analyze all the possible threats in advance and be ready to face them.

Now that you realize how important it is to update your Business Continuity Plan, you should consider updating, enhancing and adding value to it often. Knowing you’re always prepared to face unlikely events will bring you peace of mind.

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