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Mains d'un homme qui travaille sur un ordinateur et prend des notes dans un agenda, une petite maison est à. côté de luiIn recent years, the professional landscape has undergone a profound transformation with the advent of remote working. As this practice has become more widespread, Nomadis has decided to allow 100% remote work for its employees.


Based on Flexibility

Remote jobs are all about flexibility, allowing employees to shape their day according to their preferences. At Nomadis, we offer flexible schedules, while maintaining a common structure of 37.5 hours per week, Monday to Friday. A child with a cold and a visit from a plumber don’t require time off when working online. Likewise, if they have an appointment, remote workers can simply give notice of their absence for a few hours.

This flexibility also helps overcome time differences, making it easier for employees and customers to collaborate. This is crucial for companies like Nomadis, which interact daily with organizations all over the world. Working remotely therefore enhances engagement and productivity.

Tangible Savings

Remote work generates significant time and cost savings for employees. It eliminates the need to travel, saving money on gas, public transportation and parking. What’s more, time that would otherwise have been spent commuting can be devoted to work or personal activities. This offers valuable flexibility to commuters.

In addition to transportation costs, in some cases food expenses are also reduced. Employees can have meals at home, without the need for prior preparation. The same applies to the cost of professional clothing, minimized by the more relaxed approach of remote work.

At Nomadis, shared offices encourage collaboration between employees who choose to travel during the working day

Geographic Mobility

Another distinctive advantage of working from home is its freedom of location. Nomadis, aware of the attractiveness of specialized talent, has adopted this approach to broaden its recruitment pool. Employees can work from anywhere, removing traditional geographical barriers and reducing the stress associated with relocation. A good internet connection is all that’s needed, providing a solution for young employees looking for affordable housing outside the big cities.

For many employees, including those working IT jobs, remote work is emerging as a remedy for daily stress. This is thanks to flexible task planning and avoidance of traffic jams. At Nomadis, we see this approach as an essential element in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Conditions for Success: Technology, Communication and Trust

Building and maintaining a strong remote work culture depends on a robust technical infrastructure. Nomadis invests in the supply of equipment, software tools and even furniture. Nomadis adapts to employees’ needs for the chosen work mode, either 100% remote or hybrid. This foresight ensures that every remote team member has the resources they need to perform their tasks effectively.

Furthermore, communication is a key element to avoid feeling isolated and create a connected community, despite physical distance. At Nomadis, platforms like Slack and Discord serve as virtual links to facilitate team collaboration and video calls. Team building activities help foster employee engagement even for remote employees. The organization also plans events ranging from barbecues to volunteer actions to foster a friendly corporate culture.

Building a strong remote company culture requires a high level of trust. An employee who feels trusted is more likely to be loyal and faithful to his or her employer. At Nomadis, this trust attracts new talent, often recommended by current employees who appreciate their working conditions.

Beyond Virtual Office

In the remote work culture, flexibility and responsibility coexist. The same applies to financial savings,time management freedom and emotional well-being. Nomadis deliberately integrated these aspects to create a remote working experience that enriches the daily lives of its employees.

Interested in a career with Nomadis, where the remote team culture starts with trust and flexibility? Submit your application now and join our team.

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