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Man touching airplane logo The need for seamless and efficient workforce travel planning is more critical than ever. Managing the logistics of people traveling to remote places for work presents a myriad of challenges for organizations. 

This is where workforce logistics software comes in. They are an innovative solution designed to transform the way companies plan, manage, and execute their travel strategies for remote workers.

Go Beyond the Basics

A workforce logistics software is a key element when it comes to planning and executing workforce travel. They are able to address the struggles associated with mobility while pushing companies toward new levels of efficiency. With this sort of software, companies around the world can ensure a smooth and cost-effective journey for their workforce.

Unlocking Benefits: Efficiency and Compliance

Automation and real-time tracking stand out as pillars of the efficiency revolution brought about by logistics software. Gone are the days of manual coordination and cumbersome tracking systems. With the click of a button, companies gain real-time visibility into their workforce’s current location. This enables quick decision-making and proactive problem-solving.

Workforce logistics software steps up to the plate. They help ensure the workforce complies with the necessary criteria regarding documentation, training requirements, and policies in place. If need be, they can even prevent travels if the personnel do not meet the minimum compliance requirements. From managing visas to ensuring travellers meet requirements to be onsite based on their job, software of this kind proves to be a steadfast compliance ally.

Ensure Safety at All Times

For companies with workforce in remote locations, employee safety in the event of an emergency is a priority. Whether it’s a fire drill, a natural disaster, or any sudden event. The ability to efficiently muster employees to safety is crucial. Thanks to workforce logistics software, companies can elevate their emergency readiness.

In times of crisis, having instant visibility into the whereabouts of each employee is crucial. A mustering function takes safety to the next level by providing the possibility to get an instant list of who is supposed to be onsite at a precise time. This facilitates quick decision-making and ensures nobody is missing during mustering.

What’s more, companies often dismiss the importance of keeping track of previous mustering sessions. However, keeping an exhaustive record of these processes helps to conduct in-depth reviews and identify areas for improvement. Analyzing historical data enables companies to fine-tune their mustering strategies. This improves efficiency and ensures a more effective response in future emergencies.


Integrated software can not only help travel managers with workforce travel management, but also with accommodation and booking planning. Nomadis developed a complete software solution specially designed for companies that need to coordinate remote workforces. We took into account every aspect of workforce management, from accommodation management to flight scheduling. 

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