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Finding the best vendor and software solution is not the only factor of success. The success of your implementation relies heavily on the engagement and preparation of your organization.  Here are a few guidelines and preliminary steps to help preparing your company for a transition to a new Workforce Logistics Solution.

Get your team engaged

Team feedback is vital in the early preparation phases. Use their hands-on expertise and knowledge to help analyze and identify current gaps and processes to improve. Consult Subject Matter Experts from every department to identify all workflows, business use cases and priorities.

Start a Project Team. Identify one or more “Super Users” in your team who will be responsible for the administration and user review of the software solution throughout the process.

Analyze your current processes

Take a deep look at your company’s current process. Evaluate priorities to determine what in your current process is a business requirement or a nice-to-have addition. Review all presently used software, processes, and actors required for your company’s full operation. Identify logistical bottlenecks, processes requiring optimization and cost savings.

Clean and consolidate your data

Data cleansing is recommended for a smooth transition to a new solution devoid of unwanted data. Detect, correct or remove past and erroneous data to ensure only essential information is imported and data integrity is maintained.  If you are migrating from multiple systems, try to consolidate the data or identify a clear strategy on how the data should be transitioned or merged.  The effort of transitioning the data is too often underestimated and should be started early.

Engage early on with potential vendors

Reach out to potential vendors to discover the latest technologies and innovations before drafting your requirements. Have a clear view of the current market and identify which software solutions may help achieve your goals.  In addition to your current requirements/features and strategy, it is important to consider the company’s expertise, innovation roadmap, capacity to deliver a tailored solution and support your organization for the transition as well as in the long term.

Choose the Solution that’s right for you

There is never a single best solution on the market – but there is one that is right for you.  Choose a Workforce Logistics Solution and vendor that is the best fit in all aspects of your logistics, processes and requirements, with a strong information security governance.  Budget is always a consideration but positioning your organization for a highly successful implementation will lead to savings and added value that is higher than you might expect.

To know whether you’re finding the right solution, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Is the Workforce Logistics solution a strong fit with your key requirements and processes?
  2. Are the software and vendor flexible enough to adapt to your reality?
  3. Is the solution easy and intuitive to roll-out to all end users and stakeholders?
  4. Can the solution be easily integrated and extended with other systems and partners in your supply chain?
  5. What are the vendor’s credentials in terms of past performance, infrastructure, information security and support?

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