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Companies are facing challenges and are looking more than ever for the opportunity to optimize their workforce logistics data and spend.  Currently, specific tools are emerging to help manage operations to ensure maximum profit.  Among these solutions, only a few propose a truly integrated software solution that has the capabilities to book and track air travel, ground transportation, accommodation, and workforce scheduling.  Decision makers for logistics should consider the following analysis and research points:


1. Clearly define your needs, budget and potential cost reductions

Figure out what it is you really need.  This might seem obvious to most, but if you know what you want, ideally separated into a must-have list and a nice-to-have list, it will be much easier to figure out if any given solution fits your business needs.

Consider all areas of your logistics (workforce scheduling, travel, accommodation, ground transportation) and prioritize by engaging your staff in the requirements definition and software selection processes.  Use their knowledge in the field, establish what needs to be improved and identify potential sources of savings (the hidden cash). The implementation of logistics software is an investment, not an expense.


2. Focus on solutions that are easy to deploy and have an intuitive user interface

When looking at the solutions available, companies should never overlook the fact that an intuitive and easy to deploy solution will facilitate user acceptance, engagement, and performance, and translate into efficiency and rich data. An efficient and easy-to-navigate system will also increase employee satisfaction and performance. Be sure to choose a solution with web-based access to integrate all stakeholders in your operational processes such as contractors, travel agency, aviation, and other service providers.   This is especially critical in remote/complex operations involving multiple companies.


3. Can the software solution adapt to your reality?

Even if the software looks like a good fit for your requirements, is it configurable and easily adaptable to the specifics of your operations and processes?  Can it be tailored or integrated into other systems?  Can the platform scale follow your business growth or vision?  Implementing any new solution, especially in large organizations can take up a certain amount of time and effort.  Be sure that the software and vendor you choose can adapt to your reality, from small projects (100 people) to large-scale operations (10,000+ people).

The last thing stakeholders wish to face is the need to re-evaluate and invest in a new solution when the existing system cannot handle the company’s emerging needs.  Select a technological partner that will not only provide the perfect solution but the expertise and competence to implement it smoothly according to your organizational policies.


4. Does the workforce logistics software enhance your operational processes?

Whether you are in the early stage of a project or looking to minimize existing costs, you need to choose a solution that will integrate all areas of your workforce logistics to eliminate the burden and risks related to complex manual processes and improve project efficiency. Stakeholders need to ask themselves:

  • Does the software facilitate operations?
  • Does it help you track and monitor important issues?
  • Does it allow reporting to improve your performance?
  • How are updates and upgrades managed?

It is important to remember that a good solution should offer you the capability to manage your accommodations, travel, and workforce in one integrated platform and give you access to an efficient reporting tool in real time.


5. Do not limit your assessment to the software itself – look for a strong team and services/support offering

Get the support you need when you need it. The key to good software implementation is the work accomplished upstream of it. Rely on a company who is able to guide you through the necessary adjustments towards operational optimization and cost savings.  You want to rely on an experienced and comprehensive team that will work with you to improve your processes, identify cost-saving opportunities and adapt the software platform to your specific needs, down to the smallest details.  Look for a company that will be committed to make your project a success and make your work less painful.

Following those indications, you will be able to select the best workforce logistics solution for your company.

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