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Montreal, Quebec, CANADA – (February 15, 2016) – Nomadis is proud to celebrate its 15th year. We wish to thank our clients, partners, and employees for being instrumental in our success.

Over the past years, we have aligned our mission on providing innovative solutions to facilitate the management of workforce, services, and travel in the healthcare, mining, oil & gas, engineering & construction, utilities, and government sectors.

Nomadis offers a unique software platform that integrates scheduling, transportation, accommodation, services, and resource planning – all within a user-friendly, adaptable solution.

With a dynamic, experienced team and network of partners, Nomadis provides its customers with the expertise and tools required to optimize their operations and position themselves as leaders in their industry.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, and driven by a strong will to continue innovating and creating opportunities for our customers.” – Jean-Philippe Lavallée, Founder and CEO.

For any inquiries, please contact Xavier Massicotte, Business Development Coordinator, at

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