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For over a year, Nagel Aviation Consulting and Nomadis have developed a confident relationship in the oil & gas sectors that has resulted in several success stories.

Michael Nagel, MBA, is the principal aviation consultant of Nagel Aviation Consulting with over 25 years of senior management experience in aviation and workforce logistics. He has worked with major international Canadian and US airlines, various helicopter and fixed-wing operators, Financial Institutions as well as numerous global resource companies.

Michael shares some of his thoughts on the “ingredients” that made the difference.


Nomadis:   Could you tell us what are the operational priorities for onshore/offshore oil & gas?

MN:   The Oil & Gas sector is still in a state of pricing volatility that is exasperated by fluctuations in global supply and demand.  With pressures on costs and margins, companies have reduced both CAPEX and OPEX budgets significantly.  The buzzword is conservation of cash so efficiencies in all operations are at play.  That includes the re-evaluation of all supply contracts to exploring innovative ways to perform work and in most cases the embracing of technology to reduce costs.


Nomadis:   What are the challenges of the oil & gas companies in the procurement and management of travel and workforce logistics?

MN:   It is clear that rightsizing, lean and IT will continue to all play critical strategic roles in redefining workforce logistics.  Operational priorities such as reducing operations costs, the need for greater productivity/efficiency and improved safety and quality for the workforce will remain as high priorities.


Nomadis:   Is there any other advice you would like to share with people involved in similar situations?  What recommendations do you have?

MN:   Best in class IT solutions like Nomadis that have supported these new challenges for over a dozen years have proven that “off the shelf” solutions will work.  There is evidence that integrated processes to facilitate air travel, accommodations and land travel in a one-stop shop supports inventory control, improved asset management and thereby lowers costs and reduced waste.  Continued use provides the evidence (reporting) in data to mine your investments against budget, invoices and even spillage.  Management then has the tools for better and informed decision making.


Nomadis:   What success stories can you share?

MN:   Over the past year of collaboration with Nomadis we have secured 3 sizable workforce logistics contracts in the onshore Oil & Gas sector.  These companies are in the top ten of global companies that have recognized the value add of defined aviation strategy in concert with best in class tooling to schedule, track and manage workers in FIFO remote models. In a robust tender process, we demonstrate solid knowledge in travel and workforce logistics with a best in-class software platform.  We are eager to provide free of charge DEMO’s globally to other companies to show how we can increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.


Nomadis:   Thank you Michael, for your thoughts!


Nagel Aviation Consulting:
Nagel Aviation Consulting provides strategic aviation consulting to Oil & Gas / LNG Operators, Helicopter Companies, Fixed Wing Airlines and Financial Institutions with a focus on the resource sector. We offer market research, in-depth analysis and solid recommendations to improve operational and financial performance.

Founded in 2001, Nomadis helps organizations reduce costs and risks related to the movement and accommodation of people in remote areas. We help clients worldwide improve their business through better management and cost-effective processes.

This includes:
– A unique and feature-rich workforce logistics software platform online and offline, which supports the long-term logistical needs for employees and contractors
– Technology services through mobile stations which are able to provide checkpoint-based tracking of personnel on site and in transit
– A solid IT and business expertise and commitment in the airlines, camp management, ground transportation and workforce scheduling with clients in the mining, oil & gas, infrastructure projects, and healthcare services.

The company is based in Montreal, Canada, with various worldwide partnerships.

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