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Artificial intelligence (AI) is known for its ability to provide actionable insight based on very extensive data analytics. Therefore, the use of AI can drive better decision making, which is something sought by mining companies striving to optimize their operations.

Forbes states: “Artificial intelligence is helping to transform the mining industry into a safer, more profitable, and more environmentally friendly industry.”

Make Mining Safer

Faster decision-making is essential to foster a safer environment for frontline mineworkers. Using real-time quality data and analytics, AI can predict failures in processes and can prevent accidents and injuries. Additional training by mine managers can also prevent accidents. Furthermore, through data driven decisions, mining companies can use self-controlling machines to avoid putting their labor in danger.

Make Mining More Profitable

Greater accuracy supports Mining in the right location. AI can help prevent costly mistakes by precisely mapping out the terrain and providing more information than a human could. Combining pattern matching and predictive analytics with AI allows for more exact predictions.

Some companies use AI and machine learning (algorithms that improve over time) to identify the copper grades, and it proves to significantly reduce the human error rate.

Make the Mining industry More Environmentally Friendly

Ventilation is known to cause the largest energy cost in an underground mine. AI and machine learning can be used to forecast energy peaks. Automatic adjustments of ventilation systems are now enhanced using AI, which reduces the amount of energy required by a mine site. Another increasing trend in the mining industry is to use drones and machine learning based computer vision to provide continuous monitoring of mining operations and the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

As a conclusion, AI-related technologies present great benefits foar the mining industry profitability wise, safety wise and environmentally wise. However, implementing AI also brings challenges. Is your organization’s culture ready to fully adopt AI?

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