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Organizations have shifted from Excel to automated solutions in continuous improvement to better manage workforce logistics including employee scheduling, accommodation and transportation planning to remote work areas for many reasons:

  1. The risk of human error is high: One incorrect input can threaten or corrupt the rest of the data.
  2. Spreadsheets are not shareable: When managers work together on the file, they have to either open it one at a time on a shared drive, or even worse, send it to each other via email
  3. The data can easily get confusing with many tabs or files for different needs.
  4. Generating reports becomes a complex task as the information is often spread under different tabs, not well structured or prone to typos/errors
  5. The information is not accessible in one place: it breaches businesses from streamlining their operations, resulting in a waste of time and energy.
  6. Data is not secured and cannot comply with current corporate IS policies
  7. Excel does not provide any automation for your processes – everything is manual, cumbersome and time consuming.

A client used to manage its workforce logistics with spreadsheets and acknowledged that: “due to our large volume of operation, it was not ideal, and we were very limited. We started to search for a comprehensive solution that would help us streamline our whole processes when operating in remote areas and help us take optimal management decisions. Having an integrated software empowers our team to work more efficiently. We now have access to multiple features to help us better manage our remote operations.”

While most companies have now realized the necessity to automate their operations, it is still common for resource companies, especially smaller projects or operations, to be using spreadsheets to manage their workforce logistics.  Even at a small scale, the benefits and savings from automating this function are most often realized instantly.

Nomadis designed a cloud-based solution to help managers quickly realize these efficiencies in their operations:

  • Ensures that the information is always accurate and up-to-date
  • Enables easy and sharable access to the data
  • Stores the data in a safe cloud-based infrastructure
  • Generates all required reports instantly
  • Scheduling and booking functions can be fully automated to save time and avoid errors or oversights
  • No purchase of hardware and software updates
  • 24/7 Nomadis support team by phone or email.

To know more about how Nomadis can help you insure a better scheduling of workers on remote sites, request a demo today.

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