Nomadis Platform

An integrated software platform for scheduling, travel & accommodation logistics

Workforce Scheduling

Workforce management for remote operations including forecasting, crew/roster scheduling, profiles, compliance, and booking.

Travel Management

Online travel booking system automating processes from request to confirmation in a single consolidated itinerary.


Private/Chartered aviation management solution.


Property Management System for private accommodation facilities (lodges, camps, worker housing).

Ground Transportation

Shuttle/busing service management including dispatch, vehicle management, and site access control.

Meals Management

Meal Allowances

Create ad-hoc Meal “Tickets” for visitors and assign tickets to a specific person to control cafeteria accessibility.

Automatically create meal allowances in the function of internal policy. Define personal policy and keep track of changes.


Analyze the budget impact of meal options change and compare meal costs.

Target costs:

  • Cost per day/person
  • Cost per meal
  • Max cost per meal


Forecast meals to prepare in the function of expected workers:

  • People per day, per meal
  • Gender and other demographic info: for consumption/servings estimation
  • Preference information for meal options, if available
  • Seasonal variations in demand