Nomadis Platform

An integrated software platform for scheduling, travel & accommodation logistics

Travel Management

Save time and money with automated bookings for flights and ground transportation.

Workforce Scheduling

Based on workers’ qualifications and their rotation cycle, manage workforce wisely to meet your labor needs on site.


Move your people safely, reliably and cost effectively


Optimize the management of your accommodation facilities by using forecasting tools.

Ground Transportation

Manage ground transportation including buses, shuttles, and vehicles in a unique platform and monitor their entries and exits on site

Meals Management

Plan wisely and save on food waste.

Travel Management

Travel Request

Quickly handle all of your reservations/arrangements:

  • Travel, accommodation and car rental
  • One-way, round-trip or multi-destination itineraries
  • Multiple reservations with various suppliers

Customize travel request forms by using specific fields and rules to meet your requirements for various types of travel.


Link multiple travel requests together to facilitate the request, reservation and confirmation processes.


Always stay on top of your operations with our workflow and dashboard-based processes. Get better management and prioritization of your reservations. Keep all your suppliers in the loop with electronic reservations, email or manual modes. Configure rules for automated notifications and confirmations.


A streamlined, assisted process facilitates approval of requests. Approval can be automated when meeting configured policies or sent for approval to the proper level of authority for the business unit and category of travel. If required, define multiple levels and stages for approval.


Travel Information

Quickly access all the information you need. View arrivals & departures from each location and keep track of everyone at all times with our Travel Locator. Use our extensive system to configure search criteria based on user-defined search preferences.

Workforce Scheduling

Planning and Forecasting

Make planning and forecasting easy with a 360-degree view of your site and workforce movements. The scheduling dashboard provides a rich visual overview of the expected workforce, booked and any overdue.

Workforce requirements/policies

Plan how much personnel and what expertise are needed for a site, down to organizational units and workgroups:

Permanent, current and future staffing requirements, or temporary requirements (e.g. shutdowns);

Positions/skills required, work shifts.

It’s all under your control. Simply define your requirements, and the system will help you reach your targets.

Automated Scheduling

Get first-grade scheduling with several predefined rules. Let the automated scheduler book all your human resources with confidence, according to priority rules, or confirm one or multiple travelers manually when you need to.


When it comes to workforce activities, always know how much is being spent and where your money is going. Define wages, contractual terms and combine with actual schedules to forecast and validate budget spending.



Create and maintain regular or ad-hoc schedules for any transportation scenario: chartered, self-operated or commercial flights, coaches, or any mode of transportation.

Multi-leg itineraries, varying aircraft configurations, passenger and cargo capacities are all supported to optimize your transportation routes.

Easily modify or cancel schedules as needed – travelers will be automatically informed via email, SMS and on the Nomadis mobile application. Their personal schedules will be automatically amended, including accommodation bookings.

Check-in / Boarding

Quickly check-in and board passengers with mobile devices and barcode scanning. Define check-in and boarding rules and priorities and override when needed. Flag no-show passengers automatically and upgrade standby passengers.

Passenger Management

Be in control from booking to arrival. Hold seat reservations when processing requests, automatically assign seats. Quickly produce passenger lists and flight manifests. Monitor weight /capacity and prevent changes to closed transportation. Be on top of last-minute modifications with easy passenger transfers.

Changes, Transfers, and Cancellations 

Amend, modify or cancel any schedule. Transfer passengers to another flight, or transfer in batches to multiple alternate flights. Automate email, SMS and mobile app notifications to travelers in case of schedule changes or cancellations.


Occupancy Management

Get up to date snapshots of occupancy status and organize accommodation information with an intuitive visual scheduler. Validate check-in and check-out dates against travel itineraries and receive timely warnings if a discrepancy is found.

Multi-Property Configurations

Unlimited configuration capacity with multiple accommodation properties and options, for one or multiple sites. Include your own facilities and allotments in commercial facilities as well.
Define properties, sections, room types, rooms, and characteristics.

Room Assignment Policies

Optimize the occupancy of your facilities with an automated assignment of the best available room, according to your configured policies. Manual assignments or changes can also be made as required. No double assignment, no mistakes.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Keep housekeeping policies for property and rooms in proper order with the help of automated housekeeping routines. Experience improved performances for maintenance schedules and ad-hoc maintenance requests. Follow, in real time, the completion of tasks via the Nomadis mobile app or mobile platform.

Ground Transportation

Automatic entries/lists

Automate pick-up and drop-off lists from other flights and accommodation information.

Pick-ups lists by location and date are automatically produced and delivered by email to your transportation provider.

Notifications to travelers

Travelers are automatically notified by email, SMS or via the mobile app when their ground transportation is confirmed/dispatched, with the details on their pick-up or drop-off time and provider/type of service.

Multiple Service Types

Define different service types such as Shuttle, Taxi or VIP, and their availability for each location.

Policies defining which services are available to each category of traveler can be input in the platform.

Time constraints and policies

Earliest and latest pick-up times can be configured for each location or itinerary.  If the traveler is not within the defined timeframe, a warning will be provided, or an overnight stay will be automatically requested.

Meals Management

Meal Allowances

Create ad-hoc Meal “Tickets” for visitors and assign tickets to a specific person to control cafeteria accessibility.

Automatically create meal allowances in the function of internal policy. Define personal policy and keep track of changes.


Analyze the budget impact of meal options change and compare meal costs.

Target costs:

  • Cost per day/person
  • Cost per meal
  • Max cost per meal


Forecast meals to prepare in the function of expected workers

  • People per day, per meal
  • Gender and other demographic info: for consumption/servings estimation
  • Preference information for meal options, if available
  • Seasonal variations in demand