Optimal management of your accommodation facilities

Occupancy Management

Get up to date snapshots of occupancy status and organize accommodation information with an intuitive visual scheduler. Validate check-in and check-out dates against travel itineraries and receive timely warnings if a discrepancy is found.

Multi-Property Configurations

Unlimited capacity with multiple accommodation properties and options, for one or multiple sites. Include your own facilities and allotments in commercial facilities as well.
Define properties, sections, room types, rooms and characteristics.

Room Assignment Policies

Optimize the occupancy of your facilities with automated assignment of the best available room, according to your configured policies. Manual assignments or changes can also be made as required. No double assignment, no mistakes.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Keep housekeeping policies for property and rooms in proper order with the help of automated housekeeping routines. Experience improved performances for maintenance schedules and ad-hoc maintenance requests.

Success Stories