Private/Chartered aviation management solution.


Create and maintain regular or ad-hoc schedules for any transportation scenario: chartered, self-operated or commercial flights, coaches, or any mode of transportation.

Multi-leg itineraries, varying aircraft configurations, passenger and cargo capacities are all supported to optimize your transportation routes.

Easily modify or cancel schedules as needed – travelers will be automatically informed via email, SMS, and on the Nomadis mobile application. Their personal schedules will be automatically amended, including accommodation bookings.

Check-in / Boarding

  • Check-in and board passengers with ease with mobile devices and barcode scanning
  • Define check-in and boarding rules and priorities and override when needed
  • Flag no-show passengers automatically
  • Upgrade standby passengers

Passenger Management

Stay informed and in control from booking to arrival.

  • Hold seat reservations when processing requests
  • Automatically assign seats
  • Produce passenger lists and flight manifests
  • Monitor weight /capacity
  • Prevent changes to closed transportation
  • Handle last-minute modifications with easy passenger transfers

Changes, Transfers, and Cancellations 

  • Amend, modify or cancel any schedule
  • Transfer passengers to another flight, or transfer in batches to multiple alternate flights
  • Automate email, SMS and mobile app notifications to travelers in case of schedule changes or cancellations