Ground Transportation

Shuttle/busing service management including dispatch, vehicle management, and site access control.

Automatic Entries/Lists

Automate pick-up and drop-off lists from other flights and accommodation information.

Pick-ups lists by location and date are automatically produced and delivered by email to your transportation provider.

Notifications to Travelers

Travelers are automatically notified by email, SMS or via the mobile app when their ground transportation is confirmed/dispatched, with details about their pick-up or drop-off time and provider/type of service.

Multiple Service Types

Define different service types such as Shuttle, Taxi or VIP, and their availability for each location.

Policies defining which services are available to each category of traveler can be added to the platform.

Time Constraints and Policies

Earliest and latest pick-up times can be configured for each location or itinerary. If the traveler is not within the defined timeframe a warning will be provided or an overnight stay will automatically be requested.