Provide the best access to healthcare services for your Beneficiaries

Patient Profiles and Special Needs

Attach health-related information to traveler profiles, special needs / permanent conditions.
Store alternate names (aliases) under which the patient is registered/known and medical file numbers from other systems to facilitate identification and prevent duplication of profiles.

Escort Policies

Define policies under which a Patient is entitled to a personal escort or medical attendant with various criteria: age, medical condition, reason for travel. Policies are automatically enforced at approval time and exceptions are forwarded to the proper level of authority according to the rules configured.
Whether sharing the same travel arrangements or not, patient and escort requests are always linked together.

Referrals & Appointments

Keep information on referrals and appointments: location/clinic, specialty, referring practitioner, specialist referred to, and more.
Build a waiting list, define policies to require a confirmed appointment to submit a travel request. Multiple appointments may be combined under a same travel request.

HL7 Integration

Nomadis integrates with your master patient Index / electronic health records using the standard HL7 protocol.
Extensive information from patient profiles and appointments is automatically synchronized to ensure all your records are accurate and complete. Manual entry is eliminated and errors are avoided.

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