Travel Management

Handle Travel arrangements with ease and flexibility

Travel Request

Quickly handle all of your reservations/arrangements:
• Travel, accommodation and car rental
• One-way, round-trip or multi-destination itineraries
• Multiple reservations with various suppliers

Customize travel request forms with specific fields and rules to meet your requirements for various types of travel.

Link multiple travel requests together to facilitate the request, reservation and confirmation processes.


Don’t miss a beat with our workflow and dashboard-based processes. Get better management and prioritization of your reservations and keep all your suppliers in the loop with electronic reservations, email or manual modes. Configure rules for automated notifications and confirmations.


A streamlined, assisted process facilitates approval of requests. Approval can be automated when meeting configured policies, or sent for approval to the proper level of authority for the business unit and category of travel. Define multiple levels and stages for approval, if required.

Travel Information

Quickly access all the information you need. View arrivals & departures from each location. Keep track of everyone at all times with our Travel Locator. Use our extensive system to configure search criteria with user defined search preferences.

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