Patient Care


Care4 is a unique solution facilitating the provisioning of Healthcare and Social services in remote areas or unconventional environments.

Care4 has the capacity to support and simplify the complete patient workflow, between multiple locations and service centers, from a referral, appointment scheduling, patient transportation, and accommodation logistics, service delivery, to the repatriation to the patient’s place of residence.

Key Features

  • Simple and secure electronic referral form
  • Workflow for validating and processing inbound referrals
  • Dashboards displaying work to be done for each role, at each location
  • Support for punctual appointments and long-term hospitalizations
  • Intelligent Waiting List with follow-up features
  • Comprehensive patient history
  • Patient medical handicaps and allergies
  • Patient’s file numbers at various establishments
  • Patient coverage status / program
  • Add one or more escorts/attendants to a patient stays; Link patient and escort profiles, family members
  • Extensive supervision of a Patient’s stay
  • Dispatch local transportation for the day’s events (appointments, transfers, inbound/outbound patients, etc.)
  • Medical evacuations
  • Discharge summaries
  • Reconciliation of expenses and electronic transfer to accounts payable / payment
  • Notes with confidentiality levels and full traceability
  • Activity reporting (upcoming arrivals, departures, appointments, etc.)
  • Statistical and financial reporting

Benefits of the solution

  • Better assessments and follow-ups with comprehensive Patient profiles and history
  • Streamline the process and significantly reduce your workload with Intelligent dashboards
  • Meaningful data collection for extensive reporting and forecasting
  • Accessibility and collaboration: supports multiple service points interconnected to a common system (database) and a large number of users

Technical details

  • Secured access to data with various levels of authority
  • Lightweight infrastructure for fast communications in low-bandwidth and high-latency networks (remote locations)
    • Easy to deploy, thin-client interface


A synergetic approach to Healthcare Benefits plan management, designed for organizations operating their programs independently from Insurance companies.

Benefis is a software system enabling the management of Healthcare Benefits Programs. It contains a policy framework to manage claims and approval of health-related services in the following fields:

  • Vision Care
  • Dental Care
  • Medication
  • Transportation
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Professional Services / Other Services

The Benefis software solution is currently used by local Healthcare Authorities in Canada to manage their benefit programs, more specifically for Inuit & First Nations.

Key features:

  • Manage a database of Beneficiaries;
  • Emit service pre-authorizations;
  • Process claims
  • Validate claims and pre-authorizations against system policies and beneficiary history;
  • View beneficiary authorizations and dental history;
  • Manage service policies with extensive validation rules;
  • Reconcile invoices received from suppliers with emitted authorizations;
  • Transfer invoices to the accounting system for automated payment.

Benefis can interface with your existing systems to provide you with a fully integrated, optimal workflow. Possible interfacing solutions include:

  • Synchronising Patient demographic information from external sources, using HL7 messaging or flat-file import;
  • Import a list of drugs that are covered from various sources;
  • Import a list of dental-related services, with dental codes (from CDA or other sources);
  • Update reimbursement rate information from external sources
  • Interfacing with your Accounting/ERP system
    • Synchronise supplier accounts
    • Transfer invoices/claims to Accounts payable