Nomadis provides its expertise and its Software Suite to help organizations to travel and lodge efficiently and safely its human capital

Nomadis Platform

Is our core product. Our Software Cloud (SaaS) is fully integrated to ease and streamline the whole human capital to travel from or to remotes sites along with the lodging needs and security controls.

Travel Management

Save time and money with automated bookings for flights and ground transportation.

Workforce Scheduling

Based on workers’ qualifications and their rotation cycle, manage workforce wisely to meet your labor needs on site.


Move your people safely, reliably and cost effectively


Optimize the management of your accommodation facilities by using forecasting tools.

Ground Transportation

Manage ground transportation including buses, shuttles, and vehicles in a unique platform and monitor their entries and exits on site

Meals Management

Plan wisely and save on food waste.

Travel Care

Along with the Nomadis Platform, Care4 and Benefis are two Software cloud designed exclusively for the health industry to help remote villages to travel their citizen to the proper hospital for specialized consultations.


A Software Suite, fully integrated into your preferred system to keep all your data synchronized, to eliminate errors and streamline the complete logistics chain.

API & Custom Integrations:

  • Integrate with your cloud-based or hosted On-Premises enterprise systems via multiple protocols (HTTPS, FTPS/SFTP, WebServices) and data formats (JSON, XML, CSV, XLSX, …).
  • Application Programming Interface (API) is available to build custom applications or reporting, such as transferring the data to an Enterprise Business Intelligence platform for visualization and data mining.

Human Resources:

Integrate with HR systems to synchronize employee and contractor profiles. Keep all your personnel’s data: contact information, documentation, picture, badge/smart card, and more.


Travel Booking / GDS:

  • Integrate with the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to integrate commercial travel inventory.
  • Flight look-up, booking, and ticketing with your preferred TMC
  • Retrieval of bookings (PNR) and changes from a shared queue


Accounting System:

  • Integration with Accounts Payable to process reconciled invoices.
  • Import electronic invoices from vendors to streamline the reconciliation process
  • Synchronize vendor files from your ERP/Accounting system

Smart Card (RFID) :

  • Integrate with RFID technologies to support your logistics processes with smart card scanning:
  • Register multiple cards to a Profile: Employee Badge, Room Keycard
  • Capture data on In/Out through the logistics chain
  • Fast-track the Check-in/Check-out and Boarding processes with quick identification
  • Capture scans on electronic Muster stations and reports to the centralized Nomadis Mustering Dashboard

Nomadis supports multiple technologies and third-party systems.  We can also provide the hardware and smart cards with our own implementation – see information on our ControlPointTM solution.