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Guest Profiles and Reservations

View all your guests’ booking details in real-time for any type of accommodation.

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    • Print custom room key labels to attach to guest key cards
    • Assign the best rooms automatically with custom room assignment policies
    • Check guests into their rooms when they check onto their flights

Front Desk and Room Management

Two Front Desk dashboards allow you to efficiently manage guest and room logistics.

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    • Check guests in and out of their room directly from the Front Desk management tool
    • Mark guests as No-Shows for last minute cancellations
    • Get up-to-date snapshots of occupancy status and organize accommodation reservations with our intuitive visual scheduler

Property Management

Control accommodations, manage rooms and supervise reservations from a single location to ensure simple room and capacity control.

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    • Create and manage commercial and/or private accommodations
    • Include properties for one or several sites
    • Add Property Sections/Wings to group your rooms
    • Change room gender restrictions by section to affect all included rooms
    • Define room types and capacities based on your requirements


Keep housekeeping policies for properties and rooms organized with the help of automated routines.

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    • Create room cleaning tasks with configurable rules
    • Establish policies by property and room type
    • Automate housekeeping and maintenance routines and tasks
    • Produce a daily list of housekeeping tasks based on company cleaning policies (full cleaning, light housekeeping, maintenance, etc.)
    • Assign or complete tasks in bulk from the dashboard
    • Add new housekeeping tasks manually from the dashboard or Room Details page
    • Track room cleaning status and receive a confirmation when room tasks are done
    • Configure Out of Service periods for longer cleaning or maintenance tasks spanning several days
    • Distribute daily housekeeping tasks to your staff with the Housekeeping Walkdown report

Catering and Meals

Configure and manage meals for people staying at various accommodations effectively.

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    • Create unique Meal Tickets to grant meal allowances
    • Control cafeteria access by granting meal allowances
    • Reduce waste with meal forecasting reports. These include profile demographics to accurately estimate consumption and portion sizes
    • Update meal options with seasonal menus

Contracts and Allotments

Never worry about having enough room inventory for upcoming guests with Room Allotments.

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    • Create allotments for accommodations and room types for specific date ranges
    • Reserve room inventory for specific types of guests
    • Track allotment usage percentages


Enjoy quick and easy billing management, with a payment process right at your fingertips.

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    • Specify suppliers and expense accounts when creating reservations
    • Perform end of month billing/occupancy reports in a single click
    • Split invoicing for a single reservation into multiple accounts or specify a day-by-day breakdown

Reporting and KPIs

Keep track of camp logistics thanks to numerous data-rich reports.

Forecast room occupancy

Forecast room occupancy up to a year in advance

Track Room Metrics

Track in-depth room metrics including available, booked, occupied, and unused rooms

Check-in and out Reports

Stay on top of daily comings and goings with check-in/check-out reports

Create mustering reports

Know where everyone is at all times in case of emergency with mustering reports

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