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Passenger Management

Ensure your passengers and their luggage reach their destination on time with Nomadis.

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    • Update passenger status on flights to standby, on hold, and more
    • Produce flight manifests
    • Monitor weight capacity, and avoid changes for confirmed airlines.
    • Add passenger allotments to flights to ensure VIP members always reach their destination
    • Hold seat reservations when processing requests, and automatically assign seats
    • Send automated email/SMS notifications to inform travelers of schedule changes and cancellations

Flight Scheduling

Master the art of flight scheduling for your entire fleet with the click of a button. Benefits from a system available day and night.

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    • Manage recurring weekly or bi-weekly schedules
    • Create ad hoc schedules for last minute schedule changes
    • Allocate cargo and seats for each scheduled flight
    • Create multi-leg itineraries
    • Modify or cancel a flight: traveler itineraries and accommodation reservations will be automatically adjusted to reflect the changes

Changes, Transfers and Cancellations

Handle all types of last-minute changes effortlessly.

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    • Transfer scheduled passengers to another flight in just a few clicks
    • Add last-minute passengers to flights and worry about the paperwork later with Go-Shows
    • Cancel a flight and ensure your passengers get to their destination with suggested transfers
    • Create ad hoc flights to transfer passengers and/or create new bookings on the spot

Departure Control: Check-In and Boarding

Manage passenger check-in and boarding quickly and efficiently.

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    • Check passengers onto their flights with mobile devices and barcode scanning
    • Cancel unexpected passenger changes with No-Shows
    • Print boarding passes and track the boarding process
    • Easily report no-shows and replace them with waiting passengers
    • Define check-in and boarding rules and priorities, and override when required

Fleet and FBO

Proficiently manage your entire fleet and all travel locations.

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    • Upgauge or downgauge scheduled flights for last minute passenger changes
    • Add carriers and manage their fleets of aircrafts
    • Configure special seat allotments to limit and restrict seating

Reporting and KPIs

Produce data-rich reports containing all flight-related statistics.

Evaluate seat allotment

Evaluate seat allotment usage and performance

Calculate and collate

Calculate and collate flight-related costs

Forecast flight schedules

Forecast upcoming flight schedules

List passengers

List all passengers on all flights in a date range

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