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End-to-End Journey. One Itinerary.

Nomadis integrates all segments and reservations into a single integrated itinerary. This provides travelers with a simple end-to-end journey management experience.

Commercial bookings
Charter Flights
Ground Transportation
Private Accommodation
Custom content and notifications

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    Commercial Bookings

    • Plan one-way, round-trip, multi-destination, and complex itineraries with overnight stopovers

    Charter Flights

    • Built-in aviation solution to support charter or private aviation

    Ground Transportation

    • Incorporate ground transportation from the airport to the site via shuttle or local transportation thanks to the dispatch on company vehicles or contracted taxi service
    • Built-in Ground Transportation for shuttle service, and local transportation dispatch

    Private Accommodation

    • Reserve hotels and private accommodations, such as worker camps, open camps, and transit homes
    • Built-in Accommodation solution to manage your camp or other private facilities

    Custom content and notifications

    • Attach documents to communication
    • Automate notifications and confirmations via email, SMS, and/or mobile app

GDS and Direct Connect

Get live access to commercial travel inventory by interfacing directly with select airlines or via Global Distribution Systems (GDS) with your preferred travel agency/TMC.

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    • Connect directly to select airlines for optimized access to flight inventory and flexible booking options
    • Integrate private/negotiated fares and policies, including refunds and ticket exchanges
    • Perform changes, ticket exchanges, cancellations, and refunds
    • Create special booking/service requests (SSR), including dietary restrictions, wheelchair access, unattended minor, travelling with baby, and more

Automated Booking

Automation capabilities provide end users with a set-and-forget completely automated booking process.
Based on scheduled or recurring travel, Nomadis automatically initiates the request and reservation process. Our travel management solution checks availability, selects preferred options based on company policies, work schedules and preferences. Then, all reservations are submitted and the travelers are notified with a confirmed itinerary.

Policies and Approvals

Enforce compliance with your travel programs and policies. Make sure all travel is duly authorized to meet financial objectives and accountability requirements.

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    • Automate approvals of in-policy travel to remove bottlenecks in your workflow
    • One-click approval via email or web/mobile for requests requiring approval
    • Define Travel Programs and Categories with custom workflows and business rules to enforce complex policies
    • Configure different levels of authority and multi-step processes for exceptional approval cases
    • Ensure travel compliance is met with configurable workflows of company business rules including mandatory requirements and certifications

Traveler Profiles

Provide complete and up-to-date traveler information with detailed, customizable, built-in profiles.

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    • Define rules for data collection, required fields, and validations
    • Add custom fields to profiles and travel forms
    • Upload travel documents such as passports and visas
    • Validate travel document requirements and currency prior to travel
    • Prevent document expiration with automated notifications to travelers and travel managers
    • Record permanent conditions and preferences such as dietary and mobility restrictions
    • Attach a profile picture, private notes and documents, and more
    • Register smart cards such as employee badges for quick identification of travelers
    • Synchronize profiles with external data sources automatically including HR/HCM systems, ERPs, and more

Accounting and Invoice Processing

Simplify your accounts payables process and supplier payments. Nomadis can import supplier invoices, automatically reconcile expenses, allocate related costs, and transfer approved invoices to your accounting system.

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    • Minimize data entry: automatic data look-up of outstanding reservations for a supplier
    • Import electronic invoices or statements from your suppliers to reduce processing efforts up to 95%
    • Identify discrepancies and potential savings thanks to automatically generated credit requests or adjustments
    • Transfer approved invoices to your accounting system with all amounts allocated to the proper accounts
    • Automate payments on invoice approval, process refunds and ticket exchanges
    • Add your custom negotiated rates or seasonal rates provided by suppliers
    • Allocate expenses to the proper business units/accounts automatically with predefined rules
    • Split expenses into multiple accounts

Reporting and KPIs

All travel-related statistics are collected in Nomadis and made available in several data-rich reports. The data is also exportable via API to your reporting service of choice.

Predict and anticipate trends

Predict trends in travelling behaviour (accommodation and transportation bookings)

Increase performance

Increase performance by analyzing reports and identifying logistic and operation drawbacks


Track all your daily travels in one user-friendly report

Consolidate data

Consolidate all travel expenses for a single profile

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