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Employee and Contractor Profiles

Consolidate information for your entire workforce with detailed, customizable profiles for employees, contractors, ad hoc workers, visitors, and other personnel.

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    • Group all required data with standard or custom-defined fields to enforce conformity, facilitate logistics, and enhance reporting
    • Classify and apply business rules by organizational unit, project, company (operator/contractor/subcontractor), and other custom categories
    • Delegate access and management for contractors and subcontractors
    • Synchronize data from your HR/HCM/ERP system to ensure information is always up-to-date

Workforce Scheduling

Schedule your entire workforce across multiple work sites and locations for remote operations, construction projects, and other temporary or permanent workforce mobilizations.

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    • A visually rich dashboard provides an overview of sites and workforce movements. Information can be viewed by organizational unit, project, company, work shift, work position, or workgroup
    • Configure permanent, current, and future staffing requirements, as well as temporary requirements (e.g., shutdowns)
    • Plan headcount and travel requirements months in advance. Easily compare forecasts with the workforce’s actual availability. This way, you can monitor performance, plan accurately and adjust your logistics.
    • Program rotation patterns with support for complex patterns such as alternating day/night work shifts and varying on/off intervals (e.g., 3/2/2/3)
    • Program start and end dates directly into work schedules to simplify changes to shifts, work locations and so on. Keep the complete history of scheduling and changes

Travel and Commuting

Book all travel arrangements without human intervention. Automate the travel booking or commute planning process based on rotational as well as ad hoc scheduling and policies.

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    • Book all travel arrangements automatically based on defined work schedules and according to company policies
    • Support complex logistics scenarios involving multiple locations and multiple travel segments (international travel, different types of transport, etc.).
    • Configure a variety of transport modes on commercial or private/charter schedules: air, bus, rail, car, etc.


Ensure that the workforce meets the required criteria in terms of documentation, training requirements and other established policies.

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    • Enforce minimum compliance requirements prior to scheduling travel and prevent travels when needed
    • Create custom compliance workflows with different requirements to automate travel approval to various work sites or projects
    • Assign compliance rules by work position and profile category, for specific requirements and certifications
    • Decide what security permissions to use – whether by user, organizational unit, or travel category

Safety and Emergency

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    • Ensure your employees get to safety quickly in emergencies with an integrated mustering process
    • Locate all your employees in real-time with the People Locator dashboard
    • Keep track of previous mustering sessions to review your emergency processes and improve your efficiency

Time and Attendance

Ensure efficient attendance management and keep track of personnel work shifts.

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    • Export personnel attendance into detailed reports to facilitate presence, absence and leave management
    • Enhance employee transparency and avoid payroll errors
    • Log card scans to keep track of work shift start and end times

Reporting and KPIs

Track your day-to-day operations and key performance indicators with ready-made reports.

Track employee movement

Track number of people on site/on location, arrivals, departures, and in transit at any given time

Produce a Site Emergency Coverage report

Produce a Site Emergency Coverage report and Mustering List

Generate Site Occupancy Summary

Generate Site Occupancy Summary and other detailed reports. They will enable you to quickly obtain on-site worker data and detailed lists compiled by company, organizational unit, or other.

Predict trends and produce forecast

Predict trends and compare it with the actual number of people on site to monitor the accuracy of your planning. You can proceed by company, organizational unit or other criteria.

Report on days on-site / on-location

Report on the number of days on site, and the number of hours worked. This will enable you to compare it with human resources or billing systems.

Track exceptions

Track exceptions with reports on changes to rotations and schedules, cancellations, no-shows, and more.

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