Workforce scheduling

Workforce management for remote operations, including forecasting, crew/roster scheduling, profiles, compliance and booking.

Planning and Forecasting

Make planning and forecasting easy with a 360-degree view of your site and workforce movements. The scheduling dashboard provides a rich visual overview of the expected workforce, booked and any overdue.

Workforce requirements/policies

Plan how much personnel and what expertise are needed for a site, down to organizational units and workgroups:

Permanent, current and future staffing requirements, or temporary requirements (e.g. shutdowns);

Positions/skills required, work shifts.

It’s all under your control. Simply define your requirements, and the system will help you reach your targets.

Automated Scheduling

Get first-grade scheduling with several predefined rules. Let the automated scheduler book all your human resources with confidence, according to priority rules, or confirm one or multiple travelers manually when you need to.


When it comes to workforce activities, always know how much is being spent and where your money is going. Define wages, contractual terms and combine with actual schedules to forecast and validate budget spending.